Joel Lovell
Executive Editor

Joel Lovell was deputy editor of New York Times Magazine from 2010 - 2014 before he decided to shift his focus from print to podcasting and became Senior Executive Editor at “This American Life”, where he worked on landmark narrative podcast shows like “Serial” and “S-Town”. He joined the innovative podcast studio Pineapple Media in 2017, where he oversees hit podcasts like “Missing Richard Simmons” and many others. He is currently at work on a book with Bob Iger, the CEO of the Walt Disney Company. Joel lives and works in New York.


Joel Lovell war von 2010 bis 2014 stellvertretender Chefredakteur des New York Times Magazines. Ende 2014 wechselte er von Print zu Podcasting und wurde Senior Executive Editor bei This American Life, wo er an wegweisenden Produktionen wie “Serial” und “S-Town” arbeitete. Er wechselte 2017 zu Pineapple Media, wo er als Editor zum Beispiel den Hit-Podcast “Missing Richard Simmons” mitverantwortete. Joel lebt und arbeitet in New York.