MCB19: the competition for data

Andreas Mundt (©Bundeskartellamt)

Andreas Mundt (©Bundeskartellamt)

User data as a competitive advantage: competition authority president Andreas Mundt will be speaking about the data power of platforms at MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin

User data are an important basis for successful online marketing. They are not only used to achieve ad revenue, but also to train artificial intelligence: the better the data sets, the smarter the AI processes. Data sets and profiles are combined and monetised to an increasing extent, finally offering possible competitive advantages for market-leading providers. What’s lacking is transparency.

How can we ensure that data power does not concentrate with a small number of large platforms? And that only said platforms have access to users?

We are looking forward to taking a closer look at this topic with federal competition authority president Andreas Mundt at MCB19. In his introductory keynote for the panel “Big Tech reviewed: the competition for data and equal opportunities on the Internet”, he will be talking about data as a market power factor and legal competition frameworks for intermediaries. Subsequently, he will be debating the topic of equal opportunities and fair competition for user data with Justus Haucap, director of the Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE), Dennis Kaben, Legal Director at Google Germany GmbH, Holger Enßlin, officer for Legal, Regulatory, Public Policy & Distribution and managing director of Sky Deutschland GmbH, and Katharina de la Durantaye, professor for civil law and private media law at European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder). 

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