Will there be a discount for groups of students?

Yes! When ordering from an educational institution groups of 10 or more students can apply for tickets at our Early Bird rate of just 69.00 EUR per person. Please contact us via ticket (at) 


What are the benefits of buying a Business Ticket?


  • Fastlane at the entrance
    No long queuing: There will be special accreditation counters for business ticket holders.
  • On-site: A re:publica representative at the business lounge
    A re:publica team member is available at the business and speaker lounge to assist you in case of questions.
  • Payment via invoice
    Ordering tickets via invoice often simplifies internal processing for larger companies and their employees. Business tickets can be conveniently ordered and paid by invoice.


  • Access to business and speaker lounge
    If you would like to escape the festival hustle of re:publica, as a business ticket holder you have the opportunity for relaxed discussions in a quiet atmosphere in the centrally located business and speaker lounge. You might also have the chance to meet speakers of the re:publica and MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin. Hospitality


  • Catering on all three days of the event
    Four meals (breakast, lunch, cake, evening snack) are are included in the business ticket and are served at our lounge. All hot dishes are freshly prepared in the kitchen of the STATION Berlin. Of course we will also be offering vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Soft drink, coffee and tea flatrate
    Drinks are included at the business and speaker lounge.


  • Guided Tours
    New to re:publica? Looking for the most exciting sessions, the most popular meeting places and real insider tips? Don't miss anything! We will be offering guided tours for business ticket holders.You will get to find out what re:publica is all about in small groups.
  • Three evening tickets included
    Share the re:publica 2020 experience with friends, business partners, or colleagues! Business ticket holders will receive three additional evening tickets (via ticket codes) for free entry from 6 pm onwards.


Can I bring an accompanying person to re:publica and MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin?

Of course! The easiest way is buying a regular ticket for your companion.
But there are other options as well:

  • Assistants for people with disabilities
    re:publica wishes to be accessible for all people, which is why we make an effort to make re:publica as accessible as possible, with low barriers, offering assistance wherever we can. Individuals with disabilities may bring an accompanying person to re:publica. An accompanying person must not necessarily be specified in your ID. Please contact us in advance via ticket (at) stating your ticket number and a brief explanation or evidence of your accompanying person in your ID. Please contact us as soon as possible!
  • Other accompanying persons
    At re:publica all participants should feel comfortable and safe at all times. If you need an accompanying person or accompanying animal, please contact us via ticket (at) as soon as possible!

Admission for accompanying persons can only be granted with a written confirmation from us. Please make sure to contact us early.

Can I share or transfer a ticket?

Share a ticket: Tickets are personalized and cannot be shared with others.

Transfer a ticket: You may transfer your ticket once to another person using the link in the email confirming your ticket purchase. The deadline for transferring tickets is 4 May 2020.

Will I be able to get into the courtyard at re:publica without a ticket?

In 2020, the yard will not be accessible on the days of the event without a ticket.

How do I transfer my ticket to another person?

You can’t make it to re:publica after all and would like to transfer or sell your ticket to someone else instead? Or you want to give a re:publica ticket to someone as a gift?

No worries! Use the link provided in the email confirming your ticket purchase. Please note that transfers can only be done once and only until 4 May 2020. If you are transferring a ticket that is not meant as a gift, it is up to you and the new recipient to work out the payment details.

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to get in touch via ticket (at)

How can I cancel my ticket and what are the cancellation costs?

Ticket cancellation is only possible for privately held tickets and must be done  no later than two weeks before the start of the event; until 21 April 2020, 11:59pm. Cancellation fees are 5.95 EUR plus handling fees.
As an example, the overall cancellation fee for Standard Tickets (225.00 EUR) is a total of 13.31 EUR. The amount for other tickets may differ. The remaining amount is automatically returned to the original payment method. This can take up to four weeks, depending on the payment method.

You will find a link to cancel your ticket in the email confirming your ticket purchase. If you can not find that email anymore, please reach out to the support team of XING Events via support (at)

Want to avoid cancellation fees? It is also possible to sell your ticket and have the name on the ticket changed to the new owner. Please see “How do I transfer my ticket to another person?” on our FAQ page for details.

I’ll be needing a receipt of my ticket purchase.

Our partner —XING-Events— automatically issues an invoice upon purchase.

Required data will be requested during the ordering process in the step “order data”. If you have any further questions or if you made a mistake entering your details, please get in touch via ticket (at)

Paying by invoice is available for Business Tickets only.


What do I need to prove eligibility for discounted/reduced tickets?

Easy! Please show your valid student ID or other official form of documentation (valid at the time of your ticket purchase) at our accreditation desks. The name on your student ID or other form of documentation should match the one on your ticket. If that is not the case please contact us in advance via ticket (at)

  • Students need a valid student ID with a photo or a current enrollment certificate and a photo ID
  • Trainees (in German: "Auszubildene" and/or "Volontäre") need a written confirmation of their employer
  • Recipients of "ALG II" need to present their “Berlinpass“ or a written and official notification of approval 
    (Please note: Recipients of "ALG I" are not entitled to purchase reduced tickets)
  • Retirees (as well as people over 65 years of age) need to present a pension card or photo ID
  • People with disabilities need to present their certificate of disability or a confirmation from re:publica (via ticket (at)
    Please note: The degree of a disability is not relevant for re:publica
Will there be a discount for school groups?

Yes! Groups of 10 or more can apply for tickets at the Early Bird rate of just 69.00 EUR per person. Please send us an email to ticket (at) for more information.