Playing for Keeps!

The time for bluffs and makeshift digital strategy has passed. A culture of consistency, sustainability and willingness to cooperate is what we need!

It is necessary to make brave and momentous decisions regarding the digital and to find European answers to the questions of counter-balancing the enormous US-corporations. These decisions will and must sometimes have clear consequences and replace our existing system from the ground up.

But what are business, politics and citizens prepared to stake? Which values are important for a democratic society? What must be preserved in such a renewal process? Which (technical) innovations are worth changing or completely transforming existing systems?

Together we must rethink political frameworks, corporate structures and the ecosystem! Because the changes that digitalisation brings no longer affect only additional business and individual start-ups, but have spread to the core-business.

It’s about our workplaces and our everyday lives. It’s about nothing less than our values, our democracy, and a society which we’d like to live in. 

In other words – Playing for Keeps!